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Brain-Mind Workshop

Monday Dec. 19 - Tuesday Dec. 20, 2011
Fudan University
Shanghai, China

This workshop brings together researchers who are interested in brain-mind issues. It is expected that brain-mind issues require knowledge in biology, neuroscience, psychology, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and other disciplines.

All subjects that are related to brain or mind are welcome, especially those that have a potential to lead to synergies across different disciplines. They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Biological principles of biochemistry, genetics, cells. The structure and regulation of genes, the structure and synthesis of proteins, how molecules are integrated into cells, how these cells are integrated into multicellular systems and organisms.
  2. Principles underlying the structure and function of the nervous system. Development of the nervous system and its connections, sensory systems, motor systems, motivational systems, higher cortical functions. Pain, stress, depression, ADD/ADHD, and addiction.
  3. The mental and neural bases of perception, language, emotion, learning, memory, cognition, cognitive architecture, reasoning, decision-making, and cognitive development, personality, psychopathology, and social interaction.
  4. Biologically inspired artificial intelligence. Automata related to brain-mind. Pattern recognition principles. Symbolic and emergent representations. Machine learning and developmental learning.
  5. Biologically inspired signal processing and controller techniques. Digital and analog circuits. Very-large-scale integrated circuits. Neural network computers and architectures.
  6. Vectors and vector space. Linear space and nonlinear space. Functional analysis. Probability, density, distribution. Multivariate distribution. Entropy and mutual information. Statistical estimators and optimal estimation.

All participations are by invitation only. The oral talks will be delivered by invited speakers. Confirmed speakers:

Those who are doing closely related work and would like to be invited, please send the title, name, affiliation, e-mail address, telephone number, and a short bio to,, and by Sunday Dec. 11, 2011.

Those who are interested in participation, please send the name, affiliation, e-mail address, telephone number, and a short bio to

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